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The pages here are dedicated to the memory of John Chadwick and the crew of Halifax NF-R LL306 138 Squadron. To their SOE passengers who flew from Tempsford Airfield and those who waited for their return.

The dangers endured by the crews from Tempsford were ever present night after moonlight night. They flew long distances over enemy territory, often through adverse weather conditions and at very low altitude and with the ever present threat of nightfighters and anti-aircraft fire. To be captured meant certain death. So here is a brief insight into the lives of ordinary men who did an extraordinary job.

All of the stories here are true and taken from the letters written by John Chadwick. Not everything is told as even after 65 years something's are to remain private.   

To the memory of F/Sgt JG Chadwick and the crew of Halifax LL306