To everyone who knew him John Grant Chadwick was known as Jack, this is a small part of Jacks story.

Jack was born on December 5th 1921 to John and Mabel Chadwick of Ladybarn Manchester. Jacks younger brother Les served in the Royal Navy as a boy sailor. Jacks closest pal Ted also served in the Navy on HMS Devonshire. After leaving school Jack began working in the accounts department of The Daily Sketch Newspaper in Manchester. The Daily Sketch was part of the Kemsley Group of Newspapers. At the outbreak of the war Jack joined the Kemsley Newspapers Home Guard.
When Jack was 16 he met Patricia Margaret Ellery. On December 21st 1940, aged 19, Jack married Pat. On March 27th 1941 John Michael was born.

April 1941

Jacks service didn't get off to the best start. He reported as ordered to Padgate near Warrington in Cheshire only to be told he had been sent to the wrong place and should have reported for a medical in Edinburgh. A long train journey followed and Jack arrived in Scotland for the medical. He collected his kit, documents and received his service number:1557429. Later Jack was back on the train returning to Padgate. On his arrival he reported to the Corporal who had sent him away. He was given a breakfast of "horse meat and hard boiled potatoes". Flying seemed a long way off.

Jack found himself alone at Padgate, as he wrote "I am in a bunkhouse that hold 50 and I am on my own. All my mates have gone to Briddlington". After a week of running around for the Corporal Jack was posted to Blackpool, billeted in a guest house with 30 other Wireless Operators. Jacks mood improved with the "three square meals and use of the bar". As a Wireless Operator Jack knew if things went wrong he could end up as ground crew but on September 9th he passed his Aircrew Selection Board. He wrote to Pat "I have passed my board and as a reward the RAF have stuck more needles into me". Jacks training continued with him passing his 8's and 10's and on November 9th he was posted to RAF Compton Bassett in Wiltshire. On December 3rd he wrote to Pat "I have failed my 16's and if I don't pass I'll be posted to London as ground crew". Five days later Jack passed his 16's only to be told that he now had to complete 20 words per minute.
For Freedom 138 Squadron
To the memory of F/Sgt JG Chadwick and the crew of Halifax LL306